Francisco J. Venetucci - Attorney at Law - LLM

As a researcher Mr. Venetucci addressed complex issues of conflict of laws and judicial cooperation. He worked as an external consultant for local and international law firms.
Mr. Venetucci was called to the Rosario Bar Association and the Buenos Aires Bar Association. As advocate, he handled several international cases involving Argentina and foreign countries, one of which is pending solution at the Argentine Supreme Court of Justice.
Once he decided to make a shift and focus on the commercial and corporate sector he moved to Europe to study at The Hague Academy of International Law before he graduated with honours from the University of Southampton from where he obtained his LLM in Maritime Law.
When he returned to Argentina he entered into consultancy agreements with trading companies and he decided to recruit a team and found Venetucci & Associates

Oscar Soland - Attorney at Law

Mr. Soland is a fully qualified attorney at law in Argentina. He has extensive experience in complex litigation representing top companies in Argentina. With a strategic mind, Mr. Soland addressed most of the governmental bans issues, including exchange control, custom policies and banking restrictions. He obtained several injunctions on behalf of his clients regarding these particular matters. His areas of expertise cover commercial law, labour law and administrative law. In addition to this, Mr. Soland is a passionate sailor and an active yachting competitor.

Raul Venetucci - Chemical Engineer

With more than 30 years of experience in the crushing sector, Eng. Venetucci is a lecturer, researcher and entrepreneur. After graduating from the Universidad Nacional del Litoral, he served as the director of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (Board) – CONICET- in the city of Santa Fe conducting various investigations in the field of limnology.
Eng. Venetucci started working with multinational companies where he was in charge of designing and mounting two of the biggest crushing factories in the area.
Now he owns his own business and he serves as an external consultant for crushing industries next to the Paraná River.